Family Academy Resources for Teacher Consultants

Each Teacher Consultant receives a manual for each level of orientation completed

  • Teacher Consultant Manual: Initial/K-8 + Teaching Your Own K-8 record-keeping book and Able to Teach course worktext

This manual provides the overview and plan for starting a Learning Center.  There are several assignments for each prospective TC to complete prior to signing a contract.  Each assignment creates an opportunity to retool your skills and training to become a Teacher Consultant.    TC Manual Initial/K-8 Table of Contents (pdf)

  • Teacher Consultant Manual: High School + Homeschooling the High Schooler, High School Your Way record-keeping book, Life Practicum and Biblical Worldview – course notebooks for those 2 FA required courses

This manual provides the overview and plan for working with high school students.  Many TC-created course contracts are included for each subject area. TC Manual High School Table of Contents  (pdf)

The Teacher Consutant also has access to:

  • Inservice training provided 3x a year to keep your skills sharpened. Some optional inservices are offered virtually.
  • Professional Membership in Family Academy
  • The TC Room:  This provides access to all required forms either as a PDF download or for on-line submission. In development:  new course contracts, instructional links, various resources TCs have developed such as PowerPoint presentations on various topics useful for instruction.
  • FA Staff – provides administrative and problem-solving support for all TCs .
  • TC email – frequent communications are sent informing TCs about new resources, upcoming workshops, scholarship information for students.
  • TC eLetter – monthly newsletter featuring alumni, staff, and Teacher Consultants.
  • Bookstore  – contains many high quality and useful resources available for purchase to use with students or to expand TCs personal reference library.
  • Curriculum Library – The Academy Northwest office contains many resources local TCs can review, many are available to check out for a limited time.

Family Academy Resources for Principal / Administrator

  • Customized software for: student records and transcripts and tuition payments
  • Virtual Teachers’ Room for TC communications, resources, grades submission, master forms, etc.
  • Manuals for staff
  • Publications for use with staff and enrolled families

See also Educator Resources for Teacher Consultants (above)