Homeschooling is a lot like learning to swim.  There is some instruction that can be done on the pool side, but you learn the most by jumping into the pool.  We recommend you “jump in” as soon as possible.

Our organization is called Family Academy.  “Family” is our first name because we exist to strengthen and support families.  “Academy” is our last name because we believe in learning, and Academy also connotes “excellence”.  Our world needs excellent families and that only comes through commitment of parents to find the best way for their children.  We believe that is more likely to be found through homeschooling than any other way.  Family Academy wants to help any dedicated parent fulfill the challenge of home-centered learning.

Some options Family Academy offers on getting started are:

  • Able to Teach course – this course is full of material and ideas to get and keep you going.
  • Call Famiy Academy or go to  to connect with a Family Academy Teacher Consultant or periodic professional counseling and problem-solving.
  • Enroll your student(s) in Academy Northwest our affiliate school,  where you and your student will be served via weekly instruction / classes, phone appointments, and email in our private school extension program.
  • Check out our information for pastors and church leaders for starting a local extension campus.

Other “get started”  recommendations include: reading some helpful resources on homeschooling.  Ones we would recommend:


  • Books by Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore (especially  Better Late Than Early and The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook
  • For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macauley.

Junior high- High School:

Also check out: