Able to Teach online

  • Open enrollment year round
  • Self-paced (over 6 week window once you have received your course worktext in the mail)
  • Phone appt with on-line instructor at course completion

Cost: $140 (includes course worktext; $69 for spouse (shared course worktext). Please note that registration fee is non-refundable but extra time to complete the course may be given by the instructor.

To register call: 206-246-9227 or click here.

Able to Teach Live & Hybrid Classes

These formats can be arranged in Puget Sound area only. 

  • Able to Teach live format course encompasses a total of 17 hours of in class instruction over 5 evenings (i.e. consecutive Tuesdays 6-9:30) or one evening and 2 days (i.e. Thu eve, Fri-Sat 9 am-5 pm).  Live classes are arranged with an minimum registrations of 10 individual or 7 couples.  Note:  For those living near Arlington, WA, Pacific Learning Solutions offers this format typically each fall and spring.  Call 206-246-9227 for upcoming offerings there.
  • A hybrid format encompasses a combination of live classes (one evening and one Sat morning 2.5 hours each) combined with online instruction over 6 weeks.  Hybrid classes are arranged with a minimum registration of 8 individuals or 5 couples.
  • If interested in arranging either a live class or a hybrid class call Candice 206-963-3928 or email her at

Cost: $140 (includes course worktext; $69 for spouse (shared course worktext). Please note that registration is non-refundable but may be transferable to the online version of the course.

To register call: 206-246-9227